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Re: It's not Telegraph Hill, but it's interesting neverthele

Posted by Kitty.J on 7/07/05
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    On 7/07/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 7/07/05, KarenH wrote:
    >> On 6/21/05, Michael L wrote:
    >>> Michael L
    >> I wonder if the wild quakers are filling a niche left empty by
    >> the extinction of the Carolina parakeet. I read that the
    >> Carolina parakeet loved cockleburs. Do quakers like cockleburs
    >> too?
    >> Of course the Carolina parakeet didn't have very many
    >> telephone lines to build their nests on but they did nest
    >> communally with several females sharing a nest and eggs. They
    >> were regarded as agricultural pests because they ate the fruit
    >> & grain crops.
    >> That's exactly what people are afraid the quakers are going to
    >> do, raid the fruit & grain crops. If the quakers' wild
    >> population in the USA grows, will history repeat iteself?
    >> Here's a pic of a Carolina parakeet, dead but still beautiful.
    > Karen,
    > I can't comment on the cocklebur eating, but if it has seeds
    > within the pod, I'm sure it's certainly a possibility that
    > might find it a food source.
    > History does have a way of repeating itself and the Quaker may
    > just be the next Carolina Parakeet.
    > Possibly today it might even be easier for it to survive with
    > many alternative food sources provided by humans?
    > Michael L

    Poor Carolina Parakeet, hey maybe they still live somewhere i
    read somewhere that there was liek 20 still captive in the 20's
    and maybe they sill are, i never read that those 20
    died....hmm, :) Or maybe it'll be like th eOvory woopecker,
    comming back after everyone thougth it was gone for good, that
    is what i am hoping that will happen with te po'ouli bird and a
    lot others :)