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Re: It's not Telegraph Hill, but it's interesting neverthele

Posted by Kristen on 7/12/05
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    The nearest theatre showing telegraph hill is about an hour
    away...I read the book though and now that you mention it, I
    think he said something about that in the lecture...

    On 6/27/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 6/27/05, Kristen wrote:
    >> I met Mark Bittner, he is a really cool guy...he's not
    >> hippiefied anymore though...Kristen
    > I don't know if you had the chance to see the movie, but if you
    > did, remember he said he would cut his hair when he met the
    > right woman and got married? He did...the woman who produced
    > and filmed the documentary.
    > Michael L

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