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Re: It's not Telegraph Hill, but it's interesting neverthele

Posted by Steve Baldwin on 7/31/05
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    On 6/27/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 6/27/05, Steve Baldwin wrote:
    >> On 6/21/05, Michael L wrote:
    >>> Michael L
    >> Thanks for the links, folks. The wild parrots we have in the
    >> NE might not be as glamorous as those in California, but, they
    >> are certainly fascinating to watch and inspiring in their own
    >> special way. I'm sure you know this, but the Quaker Parakeet
    >> is often referred to as "the world's most persecuted parrot."
    >> So it's a real gas to see them "making it in New York" on
    >> their own!
    >> Best,
    >> Steve Baldwin
    >> Webmaster
    > Nice to see you here, Steve. I live in PA where it is illegal
    > to own a Quaker, although I had one growing up.
    > I have to say they are amazing little birds and have the
    > constitution to withstand all adversity.
    > I only hope that as many young as possible are rescued when
    > they tear the nests down.
    > Michael L

    In NYC, babies recovered in nest teardowns get adopted, but in
    states like PA and NJ, there's no option for this. A good friend
    of mine in NJ has influenced local legistlators to introduce a
    bill to legalize the Quaker, and it should hit the calendar in
    September. Look for lots of ruffled feathers as the rich
    agribusiness interests come out of the woodwork! But we don't
    intend to let this one die: Massachussets had a similar situation
    a few years back but its citizenry took action to reform the laws
    and we hope to to. It might be a long fight but like these
    marvelous birds, we don't intend to give up!

    steve baldwin