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Re: It's not Telegraph Hill, but it's interesting neverthele

Posted by Verdell on 8/24/05
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    On 7/31/05, Steve Baldwin wrote:
    > On 6/27/05, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 6/27/05, Steve Baldwin wrote:
    >>> On 6/21/05, Michael L wrote:
    >>>> Michael L
    >>> Thanks for the links, folks. The wild parrots we have in the
    >>> NE might not be as glamorous as those in California, but, they
    >>> are certainly fascinating to watch and inspiring in their own
    >>> special way. I'm sure you know this, but the Quaker Parakeet
    >>> is often referred to as "the world's most persecuted parrot."
    >>> So it's a real gas to see them "making it in New York" on
    >>> their own!
    >>> It is a great movie, Priscilla one of my birds is a Quaker.
    However; I assume by NE, you meant New England. It's the abbr. for
    Nebraska where I live. I haven't seen any feral Quakers here, but
    they are illegal next door in KS, [Kansas}. Verdell in NE.