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Re: Feather Plucking

Posted by Kristen on 7/08/05
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    other reasons:
    Lack of toys
    Boredom in cage
    Boredom out of cage
    something new in the house like a new animal, baby, even a
    picture on the wall
    Have you moved his cage?
    Whatever it may be, try your hardest to stop it before he
    causes permanent damage.
    Good Luck
    Feel free to email me off the board if you have any specific
    Kristen Satterwhite

    On 7/01/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 7/01/05, Melissa wrote:
    >> Help! My 1 year old quaker just started plucking her
    >> feathers 2 days age and now you can see the skin on its
    >> chest and has moved on to plucking the feathers it can
    >> reach on its back. I don't know what to do. Everything
    >> was fine and then all of the sudden this started. Please
    >> help!
    > The only way to "cure" plucking is to find the cause(s) and
    > eliminate it.
    > The first thing you need to do is start with a vet check,to
    > make sure it's not a health reason.Make sure to go to a good
    > avian vet.
    > Some reasons birds pluck:
    > Infections
    > Mites
    > Illness,PBFD,Giardia,etc.
    > Smoking (Owner,not the bird)
    > Dry skin
    > Nerves
    > Too small of a cage/not enough out time
    > Allergens,glade plug ins,mite protectors,air
    > freshners,scented candles,can all aggravate your bird and
    > should not be used around them
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