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Re: Feather Plucking

Posted by karen on 7/16/07
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    On 7/01/05, Melissa wrote:
    > Help! My 1 year old quaker just started plucking her
    > feathers 2 days age and now you can see the skin on its
    > chest and has moved on to plucking the feathers it can
    > reach on its back. I don't know what to do. Everything
    > was fine and then all of the sudden this started. Please
    > help!

    The first thing to look at is an avian vet check.
    Then diet- Some birds have reactions to pellets with color &
    strong smell (added junk)
    I have heard of reducing fruit, increasing Veg and adding
    palm oil to the fresh food each day. I was told it softens
    the skin and helps with new feathers.
    also a good pellet like Harrison -Ask your vet for ideas on
    Distraction- Try shredding and preening toys.
    Also try to put a rope perch in a U shape for a sleep area.
    (No room to pluck)
    A larger cage, more toys more things to destroy.
    Showers and bathing help for some. My guys each have a
    LARGE water dish and splash in it often.

    I posted the below for another behavior problem but it may
    help with a plucker also
    Try getting your guy more exercise. Flap him in the morning
    before you leave for work.
    Get him some good shredding toys! Give him lots of stuff to
    Give him a bath or shower as soon as you get home from work
    to get his mind on other things.
    Flap him more and get a play area with toys in the living
    room near the family
    Grooming and playing is better than plucking. Get him
    moving playing and exploring.
    -A cheap play area is a large clean box with holes cut in it
    and clean tree branches or perches on the inside and out.
    Think chew, climb, shred and play. If you can get an
    appliance size one you can also hang toys.
    Try an appliance store or Sears. Paper the bottom to keep
    it clean.
    If he has a mirror in his cage take it out. Leave the TV on
    to give him something to watch.
    Also what are you feeding him? Too many seeds (fat &
    protein) will increase the mateing tendency.
    Increase fresh veg. Greens, & high quality pellets (in
    separate dish) I like Harrison adult.
    If you are feeding a seed diet it will take some work to
    change the diet.
    Cut exposure to bright light to no more than 12 hr a day. No
    dark rooms just pull the curtains and dim the lights a bit.
    Birds lay in the spring when there is more light & seeds
    (high fat food).
    Try several things & see what works for your guy.
    Distraction and play are your best bet.
    Good luck