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Re: Feather Plucking/2 year old post

Posted by LindaC in OK on 7/18/07
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    > ----------
    > calm down. The bird pluckingm it's feathers is a sign that
    > it's lonely. If you begin spending more time with it, it
    > should stop plucking its feathers. If it continues even
    > after it gets alot of tlc from you, take it to a vet and
    > have it examined for fleas. (Those cause bad itching which
    > can be a result of feather plucking, mane case is loneliness
    > though)

    that same person is probably no longer reading the board.

    plucking can be from Giardia (internal parasite) or any kind
    of stress but getting another bird is never a way to resolve.

    good to see this board a bit active.