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Re: Feather Plucking

Posted by Manu on 8/05/05
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    On 7/01/05, Melissa wrote:
    > Help! My 1 year old quaker just started plucking her
    > feathers 2 days age and now you can see the skin on its
    > chest and has moved on to plucking the feathers it can
    > reach on its back. I don't know what to do. Everything
    > was fine and then all of the sudden this started. Please
    > help!

    hi melissa
    its manu from ny

    i m thinking to buy quaker too. and i read da information
    about it and exactly thats the time i read that .. that
    is natural but it is dangreus and it is gonna be like dat
    for couple of months they said you should do something like
    that which can keep him kinda busy
    like you should start making him do something unusual
    u can get him diffrent toys unless u wanna have one more
    companion parrot for him