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Re: Feather Plucking

Posted by Robin P. on 8/05/05
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    On 8/05/05, Manu wrote:
    > its manu from ny
    > i m thinking to buy quaker too. and i read da information
    > about it and exactly thats the time i read that .. that
    > is natural but it is dangreus and it is gonna be like dat
    > for couple of months they said you should do something like
    > that which can keep him kinda busy
    > like you should start making him do something unusual
    > u can get him diffrent toys unless u wanna have one more
    > companion parrot for him

    Hiya,please do not take everything you read as scripture.It is
    by no means EVER natural or normal for a bird to have bare
    plucked spots.