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Re: Feather Plucking

Posted by Fran on 8/08/05
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    On 8/08/05, Melissa wrote:
    > Hi! I have tried changing out toys and even got her a play area
    > for the top of her cage. It's like she goes through phases. She
    > has gotten better. She will let her feathers grow back in and
    > then start plucking at them again, but not as bad as she was
    > before. She doesn't have bald spots but her feathers do look
    > ratty. She seems happier. She is talking a lot and saying new
    > words. She has even begun talking in front of strangers. Thanks
    > for the input!
    > Melissa & Kiwi

    Melissa, This is not so unusual for Quakers. Check out this link
    for some helpful articles and support. Good luck to you and Kiwi.