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Re: need 2 eggs

Posted by davisscole on 7/30/05
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    That's a real good start. Is this their first clutch altogether,
    or their first clutch for you? Either way, their first clutch
    ever they may need a couple of times to get things right. If
    they have moved to a differant environment, that will sometimes
    throw them off also. Sooner or later they end up doing it right
    (most of the time). If your quakers are anything like mine, no
    matter how you rig up their box or toys, they have a way
    of "rearranging" them to their liking. Someone gave me advice
    before to use an "L" shaped next box because mine kept cracking
    their eggs. The assumption was that they were cracking them when
    they jumped in and out of their nestbox.
    Good Luck