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Re: 2 Quakers Need Home Oklahoma City

Posted by LindaC in OK on 11/30/05
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    Praying for a wonderful home for Stormy and Precious and
    especially that they will never be seperated.

    If the folicles aren't totally destroyed make this chamomile tea
    for calming to promote feather growth per a holistic avian vet.
    I've given it to several qs here but they were so severely
    plucked when I got them it didn't work.

    Make a cup of chamomile tea as if to drink and add to a quart of
    water making it 40 oz... give as only drinking fluid for 3 full
    days, then give back regular drinking water along with a tea
    container 3 times a week, then 2 times and then every now and

    The photo is a friends lovie that was given to her because she
    isn't pretty anymore. how sad that is. The friend gave her the
    tea for 2 weeks which is a bit extreme and not what was said in
    the article I read long ago but it worked.

    *happy home Stormy and Precious*