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Re: 2 Quakers Need Home Oklahoma City

Posted by Christy on 8/25/05
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    On 8/17/05, malinda beal wrote:
    > On 7/27/05, Paige wrote:
    >> On 7/24/05, Lei wrote:
    >>> I have two Quakers that need to be rehomed due to their
    >>> current caregiver being relocated and my home is not an
    >>> option. I know my limits and 6 Cockatoos, 2 Conures, 2
    >>> Tiels, 2 Budgies, and 2 Rotties is it!!
    >>> Stormy is aprox 3 years old and a came from a difficult
    >>> life until he was adopted by my son and daughter-in-law 3
    >>> years ago. He is plucked from his neck down. All medical
    >>> tests have came back clean. He was rehomed because he
    >>> plucked and was ugly. Stormy can be territorial, appears
    >>> to like women and a few men. Can be nippy - well, I guess
    >>> the description may actually be - Aggressive. Stormy does
    >>> talk some. This bird needs someone who understands Quakers
    >>> and is willing to accept the fact that Stormy is a bird
    >>> and not a toy. Precious is fully feathered and sweet
    >>> natured. Stormy and Precious need to stay together.
    >>> Cage, travel cage, toys, and food are to stay with the
    >>> birds. NO adoption fee, NO money at all. JUST a good home
    >>> is wanted for these two birds.
    >>> Please be aware that some states don't allow Quakers. I
    >>> live in Oklahoma City and will be willing to meet. They
    >>> will bringing the birds to my house this weekend. Please
    >>> help me find Stormy and Precious a good home. Email me if
    >>> you are interested. Trust me I will follow up with these
    >>> birds.
    >>> Lei
    >> email me back soon
    Yes I have been looking for a quaker for awile now.I live in
    Bartlesville Oklahoma and spend just about all of my time at
    home and would have nothing but extra time to dedicate to a bird
    I have always loved animals and had birds most of my life and am
    very experienced. I would truly give your birds a very
    wounderful home with very little time being confined to a cage
    because there would be a bird stand right next to me at my
    computer (where I spend most of my time) And one in the
    livingroom.So if your looking for a home you would consider as
    good as your own I hope youll consider mine.