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Re: teaching a quaker to talk

Posted by Lisa on 10/01/05
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    On 8/23/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 8/23/05, milo wrote:
    >> does anyone know the best way to teach a quaker to talk?
    > \Quakers are the most misunderstood in the industry. I have
    seen them in many BAD situations-someone bought one or 2
    because they thought that they were small and easy to care
    for. THe Quaker is NOT the same as a Parakeet-they need to be
    treated as if they were human-I have brought several back by
    just SPENDING time-whistling singing, talking were all rewards
    for my time with them. Every adopted Quaker I have placed has
    grown into a family bird, talking or whistling. Some talk-
    others whistle. I have often heard them mumbling to
    themselves, and within 24 hours of time being spent the words
    or whistles are repeated (quietly) and when they are praised
    how they puff up and shine! These birds have a nasty rep-
    mostly because they get called'Parakeets". Try to treat them
    as you would the ost precious Amazon or Grey-you will be
    rewarded more times than you will expect!! IE0they ned an
    average of 3-4 hours a day-let them become part of
    your "flock" and you will not fail-but just carry on any
    conversation, or whistle-time heals all-Peace!!