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Re: Very Small Quaker

Posted by electra on 10/04/05
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    Yes there are 4 sub species and the smaller are more $$$$$$.

    On 9/29/05, Verdell wrote:
    > On 9/19/05, Jessica wrote:
    >> On 9/19/05, Gina wrote:
    >>> I recently visited a friend of a friend who is selling her
    >>> 2 year old Quaker. I was shocked! He is about the size
    >> of
    >>> Pricilla is smaller than most Quakers I've seen also. I
    > asked our Vet, the same one that did Ruby's surgery about it.
    > He stated that there is some talk among bird experts that
    > may be four subspecies. Apparently there is some difference in
    > size and color, but not enough research has been done to
    > actually declare them as separate subspecies. .Of course it
    > could just be a smaller Quaker...