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Re: Very Small Quaker

Posted by Jessica on 9/19/05
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    Don't take my word for it, because I'm far from a Quaker
    expert (they are actually illegal to own in my home state),
    but I have heard of mini Quakers. I imagine they are a sub-
    species of the Quaker, but I don't know, as I've never
    looked into it. I saw someone advertise one for sale once
    and thought it was interesting.

    You'll probably get a response from someone far more
    educated in Quakers than me. But since there were no
    responses yet, I thought I'd throw this out...

    On 9/19/05, Gina wrote:
    > I recently visited a friend of a friend who is selling her
    > 2 year old Quaker. I was shocked! He is about the size
    > a Green-Cheek Conure or Cockatiel (definately shorter in
    > length then a Cockatiel). Not at all like the big chubby
    > guys I am used to. His feet are also pinky beige with
    > cinnamon-ish colored scales. Is this tiny one of a
    > different subspecies.. or just a small specimen?