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Re: Span of learning new words?

Posted by LindaC in OK on 11/14/05
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    On 9/20/05, Katie wrote:
    > HI there. We are going to buy our first Quaker soon, he
    > already talks.. I am wondering if they can learn new words
    > all the time.. or is their a age where they stop or a
    > limit??
    > thanks!

    They can and do if they are so inclined. Quakers can do
    anything they want to. :-) Should say they have the ability.

    My own Lilo is 2 1/2 and she says 'yummy' her first word and
    peek a boo, come 'ere, what's Jade want, quit, you better
    quit, step up, I love you, take a bath, want some water, and
    more but I can't think this early.

    My grandchild q Jade was the first baby hatched here almost
    6 years ago and is a whiz. clik on the link to hear him.
    After he stayed here Lilo started saying things he says.
    quit and you better quit, hi nana and more.

    enjoy that baby :-)