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Re: quaker with an electus?

Posted by MKay on 10/01/05
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    You know, until we learn something for the first time, we just
    don't know. I just had someone ask me yesterday if they could
    put their lovebird and quaker together. It's not an off-the-
    wall question for the bird owners who have not been told
    otherwise. Everyone is ignorant until their first lesson.

    You can put a Himalayan with a Siamese cat. You can put a Rat
    Terrier with a Cocker Spaniel. I saw a macaw with a cockatoo
    sharing the same cage yesterday. Many people let different
    species of parrots room together.

    Josh; quakers are one of the species that will instinctively
    ward away other birds, especially of a different species. I
    have handfed quakers and tiels at the same time, and had them
    together while weaning. As the quakers seek their
    independence, they become aggressive to other birds that are
    with them.

    I'm not an expert, as I've stated many times, but quakers are
    not a type that you would want to consider putting with
    anything else.

    I've only seen one Eclectus per cage unless it was a pair;
    it's fathomable if you are working with babies, but I wouldn't
    try putting a different species with ANY parrot in the same
    cage. Especially quakers and Eclectus. They're completely
    different in so many ways, from their activity level to their
    personality ranges.