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Re: quaker with an electus? To Use Common Sense...

Posted by Heather on 10/15/05
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    I do not think you can relate fids to other species! I also
    don't think you can make such a blanket statement about
    animals in general.

    When I lived in Texas I had two Schipperkes, a cat and two
    ferrets. They all lived in harmony - how, because I trained
    them to live in harmony. The ferret slept with the cat and the
    cat with the dogs, etc....

    When I lived in California I had two cats, two fids, and 2
    fish, the Cats NEVER bothered the fids because I trained them
    to be family. My Conure often would hang out on the back of
    my cat w/o my cat ever trying to hurt my conure.

    I do agree with one thing, birds are different when mixing
    species; however, if you've never owned a bird or have never
    owned more than one species then that is why this board is
    here - for all to ask questions!

    On 10/01/05, Use Your Own Common Sense wrote:
    > On 9/20/05, Josh wrote:
    >> can you put a Quaker with an Electus?
    > Can or should you put a cat & a dog together in the same pen
    > without expecting to have problems?
    > Can or should you put a cat with mice or fish in the same
    > room alone & not expect to have problems?
    > Can or should you put a snake with any of the above
    > mentioned pets & not expect to have problems?
    > It's all a matter of common sense. And wether you want to
    > take responsibility for & deal with any problems this
    > situation might cause.