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Re: Adopted a mess...

Posted by Jim on 11/20/05
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    On 10/03/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > You'd be surprised how many cage-mates I end up with.Such odd
    > pairings have included a Patty and a Quaker (of course the Q had
    > no feathers on it's head and back,where the Patty was plucking
    > it) and a Quaker and a Lovebird,again,Quaker ended up nearly
    > featherless,but "Don't seperate them,they are best buddies"..and
    > a lovebird and cockatiel..tiel was short a couple toes,but she
    > didn't want them to be lonely.So people really don't know.
    > "Common sense" is an oxymoron. :)
    Always amazes me and makes me wonder how people who have a good
    education and in many cases believe they are more intelligent than
    the "so called ordinary Joe Blow" can SEE with their own eyes one
    species of bird is causing misery to another species or even within
    their own species and can be SO stupid as to say "they would be SO
    lonely without each other together in the same cage". One feather
    yanked out of a head? bad enough but when it is seen to go further
    for goodness sake give each species their own cage. Sure we all
    have to learn but why are some people so SLOW when it comes to
    birds? Birds need a lot of interaction anyway so surely it is Not
    Rocket Science to Observe and watch what is happening and in many
    cases if money is the big deal (much to my chagrin as if you have a
    bird you should be able to afford the care of same bird) you can
    save money by stopping harm before it becomes a tragedy. What pain
    and mental anguish a bird goes through with toes being ripped off
    and no way of getting away from the perpetrater.
    There are some idiots I would like to rip toes off :( I mean of the
    human species of course.