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Re: Quaker colors

Posted by LindaC in OK on 11/07/05
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    On 9/22/05, Josh wrote:
    > I am wondering why some quakers are so dull looking in
    > color, and some are so vibrant??

    Different reasons for different birds and colors..

    White and yellow are difficult to keep clean in any species
    as babys but do better as they grow up.

    The cinnamon or split to cinnamon look like a dirty green to
    me so thats genetics.

    Daily baths for our blue and green kids and all other babys
    most important. In late fall I reduce to 3 times a week
    until spring time.

    Diet has much to do with feather condition as it does our
    own hair. A good seed mix, some pellets (I only give a few
    and not everyday), cuttlebone, millet spray to start then
    the fresh veggies and cooked foods.