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Re: funny coloring

Posted by Michael L on 12/14/05
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    On 12/14/05, Kristen wrote:
    > *Accidentally posted this on poicephalus board the other
    > night...i guess it was really late*
    > I have a new member of my family, an adorable elderly
    > quaker. Out of all the birds I have, I've never had a
    > quaker before so by default, I don't know tooo much abou
    > tthem. I want to know if you guys think the coloring is
    > weird. I think it's a mutation, just not sure if the
    > mutation has a name...
    > Kiwi (quaker) has the regular quaker green, bright blue
    > flight feathers and a bright yellow tail?
    > Has anyone ever heard of this?
    > Thanks for the responses in advance.
    > Kristen.

    First of all, you probably did post it on the Quaker Board,
    but the posts were being directed to the Poicephalus Board.
    Bob fixed it yesterday. So you weren't imagining it!

    I don't have Quakers since they are illegal where I live.
    Although as a kid I had one and did buy it from the pet
    store. The law changed many years later.

    Some times in other species of birds, unusually colored
    feathers don't necessarily indicate a "different" mutation,
    but rather a fluke within the mutation.
    Some would tell you that this migh indicate a "pied" gene.
    It could also indicate a vitamin deficiency during a moult
    and the feathers colored differently than the accepted norm
    for that mutation.
    There's probably many reasons and hopefully someone with
    Quaker experience will come along.
    Put a "Subject" out for Linda C. She has Quakers and used to
    breed them before her retirement.

    Can you post a photo of this guy?

    Michael L