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Re: funny coloring-Linda C. per Michael's suggestion

Posted by Kristen on 12/14/05
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    I'll try to get a good pic of him.
    Thanks for telling me about the re-direction of the posts...i
    was thinking I mighta gone a little crazy!
    Kiwi is getting a much better diet than she's been use too. And
    the yellow is VIBRANT! It's beautiful.
    She was missing quite a few feathers when I got her so maybe
    I'm just now noticing them cuz' they're just now growing back
    Anyways it's definetly a mutation of some sort, I couldn't find
    a similar pic online.

    On 12/14/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/14/05, Kristen wrote:
    >> *Accidentally posted this on poicephalus board the other
    >> night...i guess it was really late*
    >> I have a new member of my family, an adorable elderly
    >> quaker. Out of all the birds I have, I've never had a
    >> quaker before so by default, I don't know tooo much abou
    >> tthem. I want to know if you guys think the coloring is
    >> weird. I think it's a mutation, just not sure if the
    >> mutation has a name...
    >> Kiwi (quaker) has the regular quaker green, bright blue
    >> flight feathers and a bright yellow tail?
    >> Has anyone ever heard of this?
    >> Thanks for the responses in advance.
    >> Kristen.
    > Kristen,
    > First of all, you probably did post it on the Quaker Board,
    > but the posts were being directed to the Poicephalus Board.
    > Bob fixed it yesterday. So you weren't imagining it!
    > I don't have Quakers since they are illegal where I live.
    > Although as a kid I had one and did buy it from the pet
    > store. The law changed many years later.
    > Some times in other species of birds, unusually colored
    > feathers don't necessarily indicate a "different" mutation,
    > but rather a fluke within the mutation.
    > Some would tell you that this migh indicate a "pied" gene.
    > It could also indicate a vitamin deficiency during a moult
    > and the feathers colored differently than the accepted norm
    > for that mutation.
    > There's probably many reasons and hopefully someone with
    > Quaker experience will come along.
    > Put a "Subject" out for Linda C. She has Quakers and used to
    > breed them before her retirement.
    > Can you post a photo of this guy?
    > Michael L