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Re: funny coloring-Linda C. /'tis me

Posted by LindaC in OK on 12/19/05
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    I almost didn't come in here the board has been so quiet. I
    sent Bob a note a month ago about redirecting messages.

    First thing I think of with the yellow feathers is diet
    deficiency and of course that would be overall vitamins as
    Michael said. While some of the mutations do have a tad more
    yellow the 'vibrant' to me is a warning. An avian vet visit is
    always a good idea.

    I wouldn't hesitate to put him on all the fresh foods available
    asap and have them in front of him throughout the day. Too many
    of our feathered friends have never had wholesome foods and of
    course I don't know if this is the case. I would especially get
    this guy going on sprouted seeds. Those tiny sprouts are so
    very healthy for our birds.

    Every day of every week we start out with broccolli and romaine
    lettuce plus 2 or 3 other veggies. Another feeding later in the
    day has a couple others plus the treats of cheerios or chex
    cereal or gerbers veggie or fruit puffs throughout the day. This
    is in addition to seeds and a few pellets. I truly do not
    believe pellets are good for our birds if fed too many.

    you can clik on the link to go to Lexicon of Parrots/search/
    type in monk/clik on monk parakeet for the 4 mutations. I don't
    feel it is up to date with my tiny minis not there but it's good
    reading. One pair here only has mini's that weigh about 90'ish
    grams including my own Lilo now 2 1/2 years old.

    Thanks Michael :-) My daughter has q eggs in the aviary and is
    excited with hatchings to take place just after the first. Her
    birthday is the 3rd so no doubt one will hit that day.

    I will do another post about sprouts.