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Re: Sprouting seeds..

Posted by Michael L on 12/19/05
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    On 12/19/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > I've done commercial seeds for sprouting and they are
    > great but so are my own bird seeds or seeds from local ag
    > feed store. I sprout 1/8 to 1/4 cup of seeds over night.
    > Next morning pour them in a double coffee filter that is
    > in a small colander and rinse several times a day.
    > Usually I give them the tiny sprouts but did this wheat
    > grass longer and harvested it several times with
    > scissors. yummy stuff.

    Thank you, Linda. Wheat grass is a favorite of almost every
    bird. Those that have indoor cats, you can make a pot in
    soil for them and they like it too.

    Soaked and sprouted seed is a great nutritional boost to the
    diet. It also helps bring breeding pairs into breeding mode
    as it signals them that "springtime" is here and food will be
    I've attached a picture of soaked pigeon mix which is a nice
    blend of peas, popcorn and grains. This blend is nice for
    the medium to larger species.
    You can buy this also at the feed and grain stores and it's
    really inexpensive compared to on-line sprouting mixes.
    Another single seed that is really nutritious is broccoli
    seed. The birds go crazy for it and the sprouts are more
    nutritious than broccoli, itself.

    Michael L