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Re: Kristen, Q;'s usually love baths..

Posted by Kristen on 12/19/05
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    thanks for getting back to me Linda. I don't have experience
    with quakers other than when I was a kid working in a pet
    store...and we know how that goes. So, thanks for the
    advice. It's weird he was on the kaytee rainbow pellets when
    was surrendered and I have changed his diet to a seed mixture
    and fresh veggies (broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, corn, etc.)
    with a few fresh fruits (grape, apple, etc. nothing in excess
    and nothing too watery). So I don't know why his feathers
    are turning. He is actually growing back feathers that have
    been gone for a while according to the person who gave him
    up. Kiwi is going to the vet next Tuesday for bloodwork. Oh,
    and Kiwi loves bathing...very happy bird.
    Thanks Again. Kristen

    On 12/19/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > And they really don't like mistings.
    > Lilo varies first thing in the morning from saying 'yummy'
    > to 'want a bath' and she has recently added 'oh boy' in
    > there. She is a hoot but wouldn't say a word in this
    > video. It takes time to load but I want you to see it.
    > LindaC going to town now :-)

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