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Re: I don't feed grapes to birds.

Posted by Kristen on 12/21/05
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    I remember when they lost their parrots...I was online as they
    were losing sad. But, when I do buy grapes they're
    organic along with the rest of my foods. I know they're loaded
    with sugar but they love one or two every now and then (when I
    say one or two I'm thinking about my macaws and other big
    birds). Obviously I haven't had Kiwi long enough to give her
    much grapes at all! Thanks for the info and your opinion.
    I wish someone could regulate my diet like I do my birds...they'd
    have to take away my entenmanns chocolate covered
    doughnuts..mmm.mmmm.mmm -talk about sugar overload!!!
    Thanks Again. Oh, I missed my vet. appt. so I'll have to
    reschedule and let you guys know bout' the blood work. Linda, do
    you reccommend any particular test since I've given you this info
    on Kiwi?

    On 12/19/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > One of those quirky things WE bird people get into maybe and
    > then maybe not. They are loaded with sugar and a natural mold
    > which means bacteria so I've never fed grapes to birds.
    > Earlier this year a lady in Massachusettes lost 8 BIG birds
    > after giving them 1/2 grape each as necropsys proved. They
    > were the chilean grapes and most often in our grocery stores
    > and confirmed my beliefs not to give them. Sure could be an
    > isolated situation but I won't take a chance. Raisins have 8
    > times the sugar so I don't give those either.
    > I don't use the colored pellets not wanting all the dye in my
    > birds system. Can't be good in my way of thinking so the few
    > I give are natural.
    > Sounds like you are on your way to a good diet with Kiwi. Let
    > us know about blood tests please. This is how we learn.
    > happy day,
    > LindaC