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Re: about test.

Posted by LindaC in OK on 12/21/05
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    I think it's called a full chem panel that covers about
    everything. Fecal testing is routine also.

    uh oh on missed appt.

    wish I could find organic foods here in Smallsville,Oklahoma. lol
    Had to drive 50 miles one way to get a papaya recently. I am to
    remove the seeds, freeze the goop in teaspoon size dollops on wax
    paper then put those infreezer bags. Suppose to be good to give
    the birds now and then and especially good for the baby q's my
    daughter will be handfeeding about after the new year. There are
    10 eggs out there now with 2 pair. The blue male/split to blue
    female aren't interested but we keep hoping. They are dna'd and
    have had babys before I got them and 1 clutch over a year ago with
    me so maybe one day.

    gotta do busy stuff,