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Re: Its ok

Posted by Dee Anna on 12/31/05
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    On 12/23/05, Kristen wrote:
    > It's ok. Im a stronger person every, all my feathered
    > keep me happy.
    > On 12/22/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >> prayers of comfort for your friends familys.
    >> You too have a a Merry Christmas :-)
    Hello Kristen and Linda C. I am from oklahoma City My father lives in
    smithville?)(smallville ? same? anyway I am a happy quaker parrot owner.
    precious was givin to me by a client because she bit everyone. since i
    enjoy reading and research i have learned that they probably
    unintentionaly taught her to bite. after a month she and I are starting to
    have a much better relationship.(no blood in 3 days) I don't understand
    much of her words but i talk to her as if I do. However I am concerned
    that she looks to be losing weight. I feed her parrot seed mix,fresh
    veggies,some fresh fruit she loves toast and graham crackers. she hasn't
    had any watery stools so i don't think it is what i'm feeding her but
    maybe what i'm not feeding her. I am extremely greatful for finding this
    chat site. i don't know anyone else who owns birds and she is definatly
    different that my parakeets that recently passed away unexpectedly. so all
    advice would be appreciated. thanks and i look forward to more chats.