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Post: Like Betting?

Posted by bluetears_krs on 12/23/05

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    Greater Value:
    Betcash is a P2P exchange, not a Sportsbook. Play against
    other people who offer much better odds than a Sportsbook.

    Betting is a simple "Yes" or "No". To bet for an event,
    bet "Yes". To be against an event, bet "No".

    Total Control:
    You can place your own bets into the system. Or you
    can "accept" bets already entered by other players.

    In-Running Bets:
    Increase the excitement of playing by continuing to trade
    bets almost until the end of the event.

    Referral Bonuses:
    Get a referral bonus each time someone you referred
    collects their winnings.

    "Place bets on anything. Bet with people worldwide. You can
    bet on sports,
    politics, entertainment, movies, stock market, currency.
    You can even bet on the
    outcome of world events too. Win Big money. Participate in
    p2p(person to person)
    betting. No cost to place bets. Visit

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