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Re: What do you do about biting

Posted by Verdell on 1/05/06
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    On 12/31/05, Dee Anna wrote:
    > On 12/28/05, Kristine wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> We got our quaker about 4 months ago. She goes through
    >> stages where she bites a lot. She even bites you when you
    >> try to pick her up out of the cage to hold her. I have
    >> started having to wear gloves to hold her. Now she has
    >> started biting my daughter's ears when she is holding her.
    >> Priscilla went through the same thing when we got her. I
    took her to the Avaian Vet for her checkup and told him I
    didn't understand why she changed so much from the pet store
    were she had been turned back in. She had been so sweet to us
    there. I confess I didn't know nuts about birds, but he gave me
    some good behavior mod ideas. He had printed an article from a
    bird behavior specialist. It also included the earthquake
    method and most of all don't respond except for a firm no.
    Birds semm to be drama queens! I did alot of reading including
    this board. She took about six months to get used to us, and
    now she is a sweetheart, except to strangers. She's our guard
    bird, and she's not scared of anyone!lol Good-luck and give her
    or him lots of love, she'll return it when she is sure she is