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Re: What to do about biting

Posted by Breanna on 1/19/06
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    On 12/28/05, Kristine wrote:
    > Hi,
    > We got our quaker about 4 months ago. She goes through
    > stages where she bites a lot. She even bites you when you
    > try to pick her up out of the cage to hold her. I have
    > started having to wear gloves to hold her. Now she has
    > started biting my daughter's ears when she is holding her.
    > I read that you should just distract them when they bite
    > and we have tried doing that, but it does not seem to be
    > working. It is to the point I am leaving her in her cage
    > most of the time because I am tired of being bitten.
    > Do any of you have some good suggestions to stop this bad
    > behavior?
    > Kristine

    Hi, I work with a quaker and he had the same problem with
    biting. Is your bird being taken out alot or getting alot of
    attention? The Quaker is a very lovable little bird and NEEDS
    alot of attention and love. Without the attention they get
    very aggressive (bite) and territorial causing them to bite.
    When they do bite make sure you are not moving your hand away
    as to let them know they are hurting you for they will keep
    doing it. Talking softly to the bird and showing lots of love
    and giving it toys to keep from being bored will help.