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Re: What do you do about biting

Posted by MKay on 12/28/05
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    We found that our quakers each went through a struggle with
    this around 14-18mo. If you can be patient, and get by this
    power struggle with your quaker, you could turn out to have a
    very loving, fun companion!

    We use the "Earthquake" method. Let the bird perch on your
    ungloved finger. Gloves just are not natural, my opinion
    only.. if your little guy/gal dips down to take a bite, drop
    your hand down just a little very quickly ONCE to throw them
    off balance, and say "NO" in a firm, but not loud voice.
    Don't yell--they will respond better to a firm "NO" associated
    with the moment of insecurity as they are knocked off

    Plenty of praises are needed when you hold him and he doesn't
    bite! Do the earthquake if he bites, he will let go, and then
    put him right into his cage. After a few minutes, let him
    come out and try again. Every time he bites, "Earthquake"
    accompanied by a "NO!" and back in the cage.

    Hope that helps! It works very well for us, with ALL of our