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Re: What do you do about biting

Posted by LindaC in OK on 12/30/05
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    With clipped wings she can climb in and on the cage and
    hopefully a play area next to the cage or toys on top.

    Right now birds have gone through a heavy molt and are
    fairly miserable with new feathers growing in. A bath
    container on top of the cage every couple of days helps.
    Quakers rarely like misting but do like a bath dish. I use
    1/3 aloe juice/2/3 water in a mister for the tiels and put a
    bit in for Lilos bath for comfort and healing.

    Birds try so hard to fit into our human world but don't
    always want to be handeled. Sometimes Lilo 'steps up' and
    sometimes not. When it's not i leave her alone and learned
    to move my hands fast.

    Loose the gloves they are a threat to your bird.

    clik on the link to see a cute video of Lilo.