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Re: What do you do about biting

Posted by Dee Anna on 12/31/05
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    On 12/28/05, Kristine wrote:
    > Hi,
    > We got our quaker about 4 months ago. She goes through
    > stages where she bites a lot. She even bites you when you
    > try to pick her up out of the cage to hold her. I have
    > started having to wear gloves to hold her. Now she has
    > started biting my daughter's ears when she is holding her.
    > I read that you should just distract them when they bite
    > and we have tried doing that, but it does not seem to be
    > working. It is to the point I am leaving her in her cage
    > most of the time because I am tired of being bitten.
    > Do any of you have some good suggestions to stop this bad
    > behavior?
    > Kristine
    Kristine as hard as it might be don't move your hand when
    she bites. quakers seem to believe if you run I'll chase
    you. i have good luck with rearanging her territory reguraly
    and if she has extremely nippy for several days i move her
    to a new room. i also find that she is very sweet when not
    in her cage so i coax her on to my hand and then take her to
    another room for one on one time and i practice the step up
    and tell her good girl. after many bloody bites haven't any
    in a few days now (yea) but if she does get nipy i shut the
    door and ignore for a few hours and then try again.