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Re: > Marlon nice to see you :-)

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/03/06
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    I've wondered how you, mom and birdies are doing.

    Last spring I turned the aviary over to my daughter. I have
    6 tiels in the house (my babys now about 10 months old),
    Lilo the quaker parrot and the same pair of Lovies that are
    wild. 3 boy tiels in one cage and 3 girl tiels in another
    so they don't breed. :-) I will help my daughter hand feed
    when she needs it so I can be with tiny babys. She has 11 q
    eggs to start hatching anytime now.

    Realy good to see you here with me popping in and out. :-)

    Back to busy stuff.

    Hugs to you and Mom ((( )))