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Re: white quakers

Posted by abby on 1/03/06
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    On 1/03/06, abby wrote:
    > On 1/03/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >> On 1/02/06, abby wrote:
    >>> Are there any white quakers out there ? Does any one know
    >>> of a breeder that breeds them. thank you
    >> Tom the quaker man has them. Probably about $8,000 each.
    >> I don't see albinos listed but click on the link. Tom only
    >> feeds pellets and that's sad. lots of fresh veggies fed
    >> here and only a few pellets plus seed mixes.
    > Thank you Dee
    > I just wanted to see if white quakers are out there. I visted
    > his website and they where there. Thank You
    Sorry for the mistake THANK YOU LindaC
    Other people like Dee just like to be rude