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Re: white quakers

Posted by MKay on 1/04/06
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    On 1/02/06, Dee wrote:
    > The closest I've seen is lutino. They came up with that by
    > inbreeding. I imagine, given time, if they breed the 3rd
    > cousin to the 5th cousin twice removed on a full moon, they
    > should have polka dot ones then...
    > On 1/02/06, abby wrote:
    >> Are there any white quakers out there ? Does any one know
    >> of a breeder that breeds them. thank you

    Dee, it is not inbreeding it is LINE BREEDING. Didn't
    someone once here say something about the mediocre and their

    Of all the people you could insult, I don't think the Quaker
    Man is someone who's feelings (or reputation!) would by hurt
    by your pitiful scenerios. I can imagine he is far above that.