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Re: white quakers

Posted by Greyman on 1/05/06
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    > Dee, it is not inbreeding it is LINE BREEDING. Didn't
    > someone once here say something about the mediocre and their
    > attacks....
    > Not much for causing controversy but do you know what
    linebreeding means? Linebreeding is in fact inbreeding, only its
    more controlled. Like breeding father to daughter or whatever,
    they do it with dogs and cats too. Its done to improve on size,
    color, prolificy, it is infact how alot of colors came about in
    many birds, not all birds but many. Especially a new mutation,
    they will breed to a normal, then breed the split offspring to the
    original parent for visuals, then split off and go again, then
    when they have enough of that mutation, they breed back to normals
    to increase size, health and vigor, its timely process and is why
    alot of mutations hold their price. Its common practice with any
    breeder working with new mutations or developing new ones, just
    thought you'd like to know. Greyman