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Re: white quakers

Posted by MKay on 1/05/06
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    Yes, Greyman, I know what line breeding is. I understand that
    technically, it is the same, but the approach taken is not half-
    hazard or irresponsible. Inbreeding is a result of careless,
    selfish, dangerous indulgences. Inbreeding produces unwelcomed
    mutations and deformities, and grotesque abmormalities whether
    they are immediately visible or passed on to the next offspring.
    Inbreeding is the subject of many-a-self-proclaimed-comics.

    Linebreeding (in my humble opinion) is defined as such when
    careful consideration has been made to continue working with
    certain characteristics or traits, documented and followed by the
    RESPONSIBLE parties. Now, just any Mo,Dick or Harry can call it
    line breeding when they pair what they pair, but there is no doubt
    that Mr. Nemerovsky and Mr. Davey are two educated, experienced
    breeders who's names should not be dragged through someone else's
    muddied crops.