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Re: white quakers

Posted by Laura on 11/27/06
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    I personally thought Dee's comment was amusing! I'd love to see a
    poka dot quaker!

    I dont know why people have to line/inbreed. Animals or humans for
    that matter! If the lord wanted a white quaker he would have
    orignally created one! Man has gone to such extreme's to make more
    money -- not just in the avian life either!

    The white's are very pretty!!! I love My green just as much as I
    would a blue & gold quaker!

    Ya'll it's a chat board- light'en up. No one ever is going to always
    get along. Everyone has there own thought's on life, just because
    someone doesnt agree doesnt mean they are being rude or mean! Just
    means they are voicing how they feel & we ALL have that right!