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Re: white quakers

Posted by observer on 11/27/06
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    On 11/27/06, Laura wrote:
    > I personally thought Dee's comment was amusing! I'd love to see a
    > poka dot quaker!
    > I dont know why people have to line/inbreed. Animals or humans for
    > that matter! If the lord wanted a white quaker he would have
    > orignally created one! Man has gone to such extreme's to make more
    > money -- not just in the avian life either!
    > The white's are very pretty!!! I love My green just as much as I
    > would a blue & gold quaker!
    > Ya'll it's a chat board- light'en up. No one ever is going to always
    > get along. Everyone has there own thought's on life, just because
    > someone doesnt agree doesnt mean they are being rude or mean! Just
    > means they are voicing how they feel & we ALL have that right!

    Well aren't you the perky one! Bugger off.