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Re: Roudy Bush~

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/17/06
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    On 1/17/06, Annie wrote:
    > Linda, Tom gives nothing but pellets> Are they Roudy Bush?
    > I don't remember: I want to switch all of my birds over to
    > RB but want to know if he gives them anything else? What
    > do you think about roudy bush & if you think this is a
    > good idea? I am also looking for a blue baby for myself,
    > as a pet: I have a pair, but am too impatient & want him
    > NOWWW! LOL Thanks Annie

    Tom says he only feeds Roudy Bush. That would be like us
    eating nothing but rice krispies with no milk. Yukky diet
    that would be and pretty sad.

    SEEEEED is a birds mainstay and a few pellets just for the
    trace vitamins is okay and if they don't eat them I don't
    care they aren't necessary and there ain't no pellet trees
    out there. That and VEGGIES VEGGIES VEGGIES along with
    millet sprays and sprouted seeds to me is a balanced diet.
    Gosh, that sounds like what they would eat in the wild.