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Post: Conversations with a Q

Posted by LindaLov on 2/07/06

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    I just found this chatboard and want to thank all of you
    for the past two hours entertainment! I've read postings
    back to 2004 and feel a kindred spirit with many of you,
    especially LindaC in OK and her sweet Jade. Wish I knew
    how to make a webpage with things my 8-year-old Jenny Byrd
    says. She says so much in perfect context that we actually
    communicate. When sighting my strawberry shortcake, she
    exclaimed "Oh, my Goodness"! One night one of my brother's
    friends knocked on my bedroom door and Jenny Byrd
    said "Come in". Thankfully, I was dressed! I love her
    snuggling under my ear whispering, "you're my baby; I love
    you; you're my sweetheart". Of course, sometimes she a
    little green demon! but, I've always given her the benefit
    of my experience that intelligence begats
    independence. "Teach" a Quaker to talk??? Harder to teach
    one not to talk!!! I'd love to breed babies, but can't
    bring myself to give Jenny up as my companion pet, which is
    what a local breeder told me would happen. She did fall in
    love with a pink powder puff a few years ago and laid an
    egg which she rolled across the bottom of her cage to show
    me, then ignored. Anyway, I'll end by thanking all of you
    for loving your Quakers and taking good care of them. They
    are, indeed, special little creatures.

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