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Re: Conversations with a Q

Posted by LindaC in OK on 2/08/06
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    Hi LindaL,

    Jade is my grandchild bird belonging to my daughter. He was
    the first Q hatched here 6 years ago and went to her home
    when he was 6 weeks old.

    I agree about the conversations in context. My daughter
    walked into her living room one time and found a man
    standing in her open front door........ yes Jade had told
    him to come in and it was the water meter man. Now she locks
    the front door during the day when the kids are in school.

    Sometimes when I get out of my truck I hear him say 'Welcome
    back'. When I knock on the door he says 'come in, Hi Nana,
    Want coffee?' When he was tiny I didn't say 'hi Jade'
    but 'hi Nana'. I think that was on his talent page.

    Daughter was giving in to Jades hormonal being and did get a
    girl quaker and they first played together rather nicely. 2
    different times Jade said 'kiss my foot' as he held it up to
    her and she bit it. Her name isn't Nipper for nothing. She
    can be sweet as can be but she did hurt him and he told his
    mom 'ouchie' and 'it hurts' so they can't be together.

    My own Lilo says quite a few things but not near as much. I
    ask her if she wants a bath and often she says 'want some
    water'. She is a sweetie but very bitey right now having
    gone through a pretty rough molt.

    I won't get a mate for Lilo either. I've turned the aviary
    over to my daughter last year and she had a few q and tiel
    babys. This year she had blue q eggs to start hatching on
    the 13th so we are pretty excited. They didn't lay for 2
    years so this is very good. There are also eggs in 1 green
    q nest. They are all so precious. She will pull at 10 days
    for handfeeding like I did.

    Geocities has a free offer for a website that could be
    enough space for your recordings. Or. go to or

    I come in here to see if anyone needs help with birdies and
    it's been very quiet. Nice no problems.

    take care,


    photo is of feeding station for young q's in the aviary I
    designed. They were about 6 months old and on their way to
    their new homes.