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Re: Conversations with a Q

Posted by LindaLov on 2/08/06
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    So nice to hear from someone who knows and appreciates Quakies
    as I do. And, I lov the pic, as I have all the clips. I'm
    sure we could swap Q-tales all day! Only one more and I'll try
    to not bore everyone anymore. A few years ago, a boyfriend and
    I were "consummating" our relationship when Jenny B started
    making her little kissy sounds, adding "kiss me, please kiss
    me, give me a kiss", (kiss, kiss). We tried to ignore her but
    after she started saying "Oh, baby, Oh, baby, Oh, baby" (no she
    didn't hear it from us) the mood was beginning to break. More
    kissy sounds, a hearty laugh, and "what'cha doing?" and our
    relationship remained platonic, at least at my house. I also
    have a Senegal named Tequila Sunrise who has been with us a
    little over a year and an 8-month-old Grey, Apollo
    Dragonheart. I tell Tequi she's my sweet one, Apollo that
    she's my Big Bird, but Jenny Byrd is still my smart one, and I
    don't have to tell her that. Thank you for sharing your smiles
    with me. I'll be dropping by the chatboard once in a while to
    see what's new. Oh, and if I ever by chance get another
    Quakie, I'm going to name it "Prozac"! Best therapy around!