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Re: Linda means "Pretty One" "Hard Worker" "Meticulous"

Posted by Jimminie on 2/10/06
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    On 2/10/06, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >> ..
    >> Your pics. are always good-oh Linda. As you are in here to
    > help
    >> with bird probs. er could you please help me with me books?
    >> Been studying hard - need a break and an apple pie and cream
    >> would be good - in fact any "tucker" right now would be good :)
    >> Jimbo
    > Get one of those young ladys to make you a pie.
    > good luck,
    I give up on the two girls room here with me Linda.
    I got into real trouble because I did not like Marissa's Pumpkin
    Pie she made for dinner last weekend. You know what? that Pumpkin
    Pie was just pie crust and heaps of solid yellow pumpkin - Nothing
    Else at all. I can't make Pumpkin Pie anyway but surely it has to
    have something else in it?? just Pumpkin? Yukk Yukk Yukk lol.
    I had an awful night apologising to her because she went to SO much
    trouble but gees I enjoyed my bowl of cornflakes better.
    I know bad me
    See ya matey
    p.s. Hope Linda IS your real name. - suits you to a tee.