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Re: Linda means ..........

Posted by LindaC in OK on 2/14/06
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    WEll mostly it means I am just plain tired these days. :-) If we
    stick around long enough that happens it seems.

    wow never heard of pumpkin pie as you described. We buy a pie mix
    in a can with directions of what else to add and it is really good.

    There are 5 blue quaker eggs in the aviary suppose to start hatching
    any time now. My daughter is in heaven since I turned the aviary
    over to her. There are green quaker eggs also to hatch in the near
    future. She will put tiel nest boxes on soon so she will be a busy
    lady. Of course I get to help handfeed :-)

    The blue eggs will be half blue babys and half green split to blue.
    Eggs aren't really blue but one parent is blue and the other is
    green split to blue.

    need to get busy.