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Re: Teflon on so many household items

Posted by davisscole on 3/12/06
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    On 2/14/06, Beth in VA wrote:
    > This is the perfect *chilly* time of year to be aware of
    > space heater safety...thanks for the note on this topic.
    > Imagine teenage daughter's surprise when she learned that
    > brand new hair-care item would be banned to the basement
    > cold, unfinished basement!) since it has teflon-coated
    > ceramic plates (for making your hair all shimmery-straight).
    > We do love that natural wavy look better anyhow, and it
    > time and electricity...

    Give me a break. The ceramic straightening irons only get up
    to about 230 degrees. That is nowhere near the temp that sets
    off the damaging fumes to birds. If it did get that hot, the
    bird would practically have to be sitting on her shoulder
    while she was doing her hair to be harmed by it. I have done
    hair for 9 years and have over 30 parrots, and I've
    straightened people's hair with birds in the same room. They
    are all healthy as can be.