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Re: Non stick products do not have to be overheated to be lethal

Posted by LindaC in OK on 3/12/06
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    then shame on you with the facts a part of life. Give your birds
    a break and not have them where you are doing hair. Do you know
    the polymer toxins collect in a birds throat and humans too then
    on to the respiratory systems? No I would think your birds not
    totally healthy. Non stick products do not have to be overheated
    to be lethal. I refused to sell birds to different people that
    wanted them for mascots for hair salons. Those people got an
    education and were grateful for the information. Why you are
    ignoring information before you I do not understand.

    Dupont is paying multi figure retributions because they caused
    so many deaths, illnesses and birth defects. They are to have
    their poly products phazed out by 2015 so it looks to me like
    they were found guilty and they are with the proof before them
    for so many years.

    When I first knew about non stick in the mid 1960's I wondered
    what kind of damage it would cause and now we know. Dupont is up
    to it's eyeballs in multi figure lawsuits and has been for a
    long time. They settled many claims in the 60's with employees
    that were pregnant then had babys with birth deformities. Did we
    keep using it? Sure we did me included because it was 'easy' to

    About 5 weeks ago a dear friend of mine was using her one last
    small sauce pan with non stick coating and did not over heat it
    and did not leave it cooking alone BUT she walked in to her bird
    room a short time later to find 7 birds dead. Necropsys proved
    it was polymer toxins in the birds. There was a B&G that sang, A
    green cheek conure that was one of the sweetest birds ever, One
    of my own tiel babys that was 2 years old, a keet, a pair of
    parrotlets and I just can't remember the other. No idea why it
    didn't kill the other several birds but I know they were
    affected. Big or small bird doesn't matter non stick kills.

    The month before she found a dear little parrotlet dead and the
    necropsy showed irritated throat and this is what the polymer
    fumes do. This tiny little precious ones system didn't have a

    People are affected as well with Polymer Flu but this is not
    readily diagnosed with symptoms the same as regular flu. It
    seems some have had extra testing done for this to be known.

    All I have left is stainless, glass and cast iron pots and pans.
    I will not trust any of the other ones. If it is non stick of
    any kind I won't trust it. For other products I research first
    before bringing harm into my home to myself and my birds.

    Non stick products do not have to be overheated to be lethal.